Friends of the Word is a new private Catholic association of the faithful in Botswana, initiated in 2003 in Maun.
It has not been approved yet by the Catholic Church authorities - by the bishop.
It is one of the new communities expressing new forms of spiritual, religious and "consecrated" life.
The Association of the Friends of the Word is envisaged - according to Canon Law - as a Private Association of the Faithful, established in the Catholic Vicariate of Francistown.
Its members will seek to answer God's invitation to follow the Incarnate WORD, to know Him and to keep His Word, to live a truly Christian life and to make Him known to other people as individuals in a community whos main purpose is the missionary Christian formation.

The Charism of the Association:
People of all states of life (single women and men, married couples, celibates, clergy) form one community of diffrent levels of membership united by the common spirituality, purpose and work.

The levels of membership:
full members: single women
  single men
  married couples
simple members:  single persons
  single parents
associates (persons of all possible states of life)

The full members of the Association make 5 promises:
1. promise of love
2. promise of faithfulness
3. promise of obedience
4. promise of co-operation with the Local Church
5. promise of implementing the mission command of Jesus

The single full members of the Association can take an optional vow of celibacy.

Friendship with the Word that is the only source of light and life.
Constant effort to integrate the light and life - words and deeds, recognised truth and its implementation in daily life.
Friends of the Word want to know and to make known the Word, remembering that they can only share what they themselves have.
They live in the spirit of prayer and Lectio Divina, committing themselves with zeal and joy to the missionary Christian formation in the service of the Roman Catholic Church.

Catechetical formation work in the parishes and missions, RCIA, any other kind of formation for children, youth and adults; Biblical apostolate, media and communication.
Any possible way to spread the Word and to make It known and understood better, to increase the interest and love for the Word, and to improve the quality of our Christian life and of the Chuirch communities.
Friends of the Word - Ditsala tsa Lefoko
Lay Association for Missionary Christian Formation Ministry

Amicitia Verbi
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