Friends of the Word - Ditsala tsa Lefoko
Lay Association for Missionary Christian Formation Ministry

Amicitia Verbi
This page was last updated on: April 8, 2005
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News page - recent developments
The constitutions were given to the Bishop for official approval. Now the process of the approval has started and will take some months. The document will be sent first to the canon lawyer who will study the constitutions and propose the approval by the Bishop, hopefully till the end of 2005.

We are in th very early stages of development. Several people are already interested to join the Association, altough it was not made known in our communities. There are interested persons from all states of life (single man, single woman, married couples, potential associates) keeping contact and waiting for further development and official approval by the Church (local Bishop), and to start.

The draft of the constitutions is in the final stages and will be complited in the next few weeks.

Let us pray for God's guidance and blessing for this idea and its implementation.
Let us pray for vocations to this new way of life of following the Incarnate Word.